Head, Combo and Speakers Cabinets



Fully handmade by VL at VL Effects workshop
Made with the best premium woods.

Cabinets for heads, combos and cabs peakers are designed to perform like an acoustic instrument in which the natural acoustic properties of the solid wood components contribute to the sound and feel of the amplifier. The result is a natural and unconstricted sound that’s uniquely deep, full, and resonant but also punchy and alive with intense clarity and definition.

The VL cabinets have a multi-part solid pine baffle board with an special multilayer pine speaker flange which eliminates beaming, provides a firm mechanical connection to the speaker, and tunes the response of the baffle. These VL cabinet innovations participates fully in the acoustical behavior and have been confirmed at multiple gigs, closed stage and Music Festivals open stage during multiples days.

This fully handmade by VL workshop constructions along with a number of other details and treatments, add up to a unique sound and feel . More like an acoustic instrument which fills the room with sound the best tone for guitar and every note blooms with unconstrained power and vivid clarity and perfect and unique electric guitars frequencies and harmonics.

Shape and size have been calculated in order to have :
* limitation of standing waves
* the best tone with VL HighTone amps series.

VL C1512 Speaker Cabinet

The VL-C1512 design is unique and is a VL Effects Custom Shop® exclusivity.

Cab Body : selected premium solid pine

Speakers board : Multilayers selected premium maritime pine

Speakers  : Special VL Celestion speakers – VL amp model depending:
* VL20 HighTone = similar to Creamback
* VL45 HighTone = similar to GreenBack
On demand possibility to selected other speakers models or to reused vintage one.

Size (mm): Head – (w) x (h) x (d)

Weight : 10kg / 22lbs