Available 2019 FX

  • Reverb SpaceOne Limited to only 12FX
  • Octavio JimiWhite – Germanium octavia Limited to only 12FX
  • Overdrive Od-oNe Vintage « Enervous » Serie Limited to only 12FX
  • Overdrive GreenTone BlackStar Limited to only 12FX

NEWS 2019

VL Effects Amps 2019 –  365&445′ Amps Series

VL Effects Amps – The Ultimate 365 and 445′ Amps Series!

What’s that?
Don’t worries the actual VL Amps models will be always available but now included into two major families – 365 & 445′ Series.

What’s 365′ Serie?
It is the Ultimate Genuine Vintage VL Effects Amps Family based on the graal VL handmade & rare ultimate components who the major ones are Genuine & Ultimate Rare Vintage 1940′ -1950′ valves. Valves actualy available are mainly JAN 1940′ U.S. Army black plate &’D’ getters like the awesome Ken-Rad but also Sylvania, Tung-Sol, Raytheon, GE, Brimar, National Union,…

These Tubes needs a power plate under 370Volts so 365Volts will be the regular setup. This need also specific adapted rectifier and bias system in order to have longlife valves & the ultimate tone and harmonics. GZ34 and solidstate will be totaly forbiden.

Only genuine vintage 5U4,5Y3,…  will be used. Cathode and fixed bias will be available on this serie.
The actual VL18, VL20HighTone and VL45 will be available in 365′ Serie.

What’s 445′ Serie?
It is the Ultimate Actual Modern VL Effects Amps Family based on the graal VL handmade and highend actual components who the major ones are the best limited selected 1970′ to 2019′ valves products. This Tubes works with a power plate over 440Volts so 445Volts will be the regular setup.
The actual 2018′ VL18, VL20HighTone and VL45 are the significant models of this 445’Serie.

VL Effects FX 2019

The SpaceOne FX! The ultimate spring reverb pedal!
This pedal will be available in March 2019.
Based on Accutronics BTDR Digi-Log reverb modul
This FX will be also available included on VL Amps 365/445′ Series

NEW ! November 2018 VL Effects GreenTone limited edition BlackStar

Limited edition of only 10 pedals

The Ultimate GreenTone serie

  • Chip : Highend  vintage Texas-Instruments Dual Operational Amplifier 4558 ;
  • Signal Caps : Genuine vintage paper in oil caps;
  • Power filtering Caps : Special optimized highend electrolytic caps;
  • Resistors : Genuine vintage Allen-Bradley carbon resistors;
  • Pots : Large carbon pots in replace of small one;
  • Cabling : optimized short silver cabling.